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Laminam Porcelain Surfaces

We install Laminam, an Italian porcelain surface product with exceptional performance.​

Breaking the traditional concept of surfaces, Laminam is a full body Italian porcelain slab, exclusively large in size with minimal thickness. 

Ideal for flooring, kitchen splashbacks and other decorative surfaces such as pillars and feature walls, Laminam has a range of styles and colours available to choose from. 

Why choose Laminam?

  • Low Maintenance & Hygienic - Laminam can be easily cleaned using mild disinfectants and detergents without affecting its surface characteristics.
  • Resistant to Wear - Due to its excellent mechanical properties, Laminam is highly scratch and abrasion resistant, suitable for demanding applications like flooring.
  • Lightweight - With a weight of just 7kg or 12kg per square metre (3+ & 5+ ranges respectively), Laminam is very light, making it easier to handle. 
  • Frost Resistance - Laminam’s average water absorption is 0.1% so it’s frost resistant and suitable for all weather conditions.  
  • Reaction to Fire -Laminam does not contain organic material, so it’s resistant to fire and high temperatures. In the event of fire, it does not release smoke or toxic substances.  
  • UV Resistant -Because Laminam doesn’t contain organic pigments and is resistant to UV rays, its colours remain stable even when subjected to severe climate changes

Choose from a range of colours and textures

The Laminam range includes a variety of colours and textures, from the earthy tones of Ossido Verderame to the fresh solid white Collection Bianco Assoluto and solid black Collection Nero Assoluto.

Available in 3 thicknesses

Laminam offers Porcelain surfaces for previously unthinkable applications. Laminam is available in three thicknesses, with different decors in each thickness.

3+ Range

The thinnest slab ever, the skin for surfaces and structures, designed to multiply intended uses and applications. Suited to low impact residential flooring and wall covering application (either on screed or existing walls and floors not affected by heavy traffic through direct adhesion), splashbacks, ventilated facades and curtain walls.

5+ Range

Suitable for flooring, wall linings, splashbacks and cladding. Ideal in residential and heavy commercial flooring applications, (either on screed or existing floors through direct adhesion), ventilated facades, curtain walls, furniture industry and interior design.

12+ Range

Suitable for benchtops, countertops, indoor & outdoor furniture and splashbacks. The Laminam 12+ range is perfect in the world of furnishings. Use for indoor and outdoor horizontal applications, ranging from tables to kitchen and bathroom worktops, and suitable for use in the building industry for facades and walls.

Durable, beautiful, environmentally friendly

Laminam is remarkably strong and has very high resistance to scratching and abrasion. Laminam resists organic and inorganic solvents, disinfectants and detergents. It can be easily cleaned without affecting its surface characteristics. Suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications Laminam is produced using advanced technologies, it is easy to clean, resistant to frost, fire, mould and mildew, and to the effect of UV rays.

The cutting-edge Laminam pressing system removes all traces of tension from the slabs, making even the new extra-large sizes perfectly even and free from defects. There is a great degree of freedom and versatility to these revolutionary ceramic slabs, opening up to an even wider variety of possible applications.

All the characteristics and chromatic properties of the slabs are unchanging, designed to stand the test of time in all atmospheric conditions. The slabs, created with natural materials like quarry clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments, do not release any substance into the environment. A revolutionary slab that does not neglect environmental friendliness: natural raw materials, sustainable technology, entirely recyclable products are at the heart of Laminam’s green philosophy.

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