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Bringing Vegas to Cambridge

Taking inspiration from a high-end show-home bathroom and combining it with a love of glamourous, modern black finishes like you might see in a fancy Vegas hotel, homeowners Kimberly and Alan Jones have completed a full renovation on their huge family home including 3 new bathrooms.  

Overlooking the polo grounds on the Cambridge town belt sits Alan and Kimberly Jones’ spacious 360 square metre family home.

Originally a 3 bedroom ‘box’, the couple decided to take on a renovation to give themselves the space needed for their 3 growing kids.

“Alan is a builder by trade, so he was key when planning the renovation and telling me what was possible,” says Kimberly.

“The original house was quite a small one-story, so we built up and out to make it work for us.”

The renovated home features 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 living areas, as well as a ‘man cave’ pool house out the back and a large double garage with adjoining salon out the front.

Wanting a high-end glamourous look for the bathrooms, the couple opted for floor to ceiling black Laminam slabs throughout the bathroom and shower, with a patterned hex tile accent wall added around the main bathroom tub and upstairs ensuite window.

Along with the tiling and Laminam install, Warmup underfloor heating and Tranquility Bathroomware fixtures were installed by Impact Tiling. The team also put in a Marmox preformed shower base in the ensuite bathroom, which was the simplest solution for the upstairs extension, avoiding any of the normal complication’s homeowners can have when extending upwards.  

To complete the design, the couple included a range of upgrades including sensor lighting underfloor and LEDs in the shower caddy and around the mirror.

When asked where she got her design inspiration from, Kimberly says “I just wanted everything to be black.”

“Some people thought I was crazy when I chose black fittings with black flooring with black sinks, but I knew what I wanted. Even the underfloor heating thermostat is black.”

Added into the mix was Alan’s request to have large slab tile in the bathrooms.  

“He came home one day saying he’d seen some huge slab tile in a show home in Pukekura Park, so that was his one request when it came to the design,” adds Kimberly.

The couple investigated options and discovered Impact Tiling were installers of Laminam slabs, so they opted for a matte black finish with a slight stone / marble fleck throughout.

Kimberly says she couldn’t be happier with the result.

“I absolutely love it,” she says. “I’m stoked with how it turned out. Impact Tiling did an awesome job.”