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A Gem on Mt Maungatautari

At the foothills of Mount Maungatautari lies a hidden gem 1930’s farmhouse. A recent renovation with extensive tiling features has brought the stunning homestead into the 21st Century, elevating its beautiful classic features and making the most of the breathtaking views looking towards South Waikato.   

Owner Rachael says the original homestead was rumored to have been built in the 1920’s or 1930’s by the Cambridge Cinema owner at the time.

“You can see some art deco influences in some of the house’s original detail,” says Rachael, who has lived at the 40 acre property with husband Robbie and their 3 kids for the past 3 years.

“The house has been added onto over time, accentuating the beautiful setting and views while expanding for modern living.”

After living at the property for a while, Rachael and Robbie wanted to bring some modern style to the older home and make the most of their tiling connections as owners of Impact Tiling.

Taking on a renovation of the ensuite bathroom and main kitchen, sunroom, dining room and entrance areas, the couple engaged the help of Adam Davidson at Davidson homes, to do the building work. Impact Tiling took care of the flooring and tile install.

The ensuite features a beautiful walk-in shower, with herringbone blue tile throughout. Tile is carried through the rest of the space as well, with a modern vanity and black towel rail and mirror accessories bringing it together. Feature lighting in the corner finishes off the space.

After completing the ensuite bathroom, it was time to tackle the kitchen, which took almost 3 months to complete.   

“When we got here, the kitchen was a wooden greyish taupe colour with dark varnished floors, so we wanted to bring in a bit more colour and brightness to the space,” says Rachael.

Opting for a blue (Dulux Lake Maungamahoe) kitchen island, the space is balanced with a blue brickset tile splashback. Keeping it modern, the rest of the kitchen has white cabinetry with an engineered silestone benchtop to bring it all together.

Pendant lighting from Mr Ralph adds a bit of ‘jewellery’ to the kitchen, while indoor plants soften the entrance area and bring the outside in.

They selected environmentally friendly composite flooring that is mildew and moisture proof, resistant to fire, and easy to install. An adjoining sunroom has the same flooring carried through, setting off the amazing greenery in the surrounding garden, while brightening the indoor space which used to feel dark with the overhead beams.  

“We love the end result, and spend most of our time in here,” says Rachael.

“Because it’s an older home, it can feel a bit chopped up so the consistent flooring blends it all together and helps combine the old with the new.”