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Cosy Church for winter

One of Hamilton’s most popular Churches has undergone a renovation to make it that much more comfortable for its members this winter. Our Impact Tiling Warmup installers were put to task on this project, installing Warmup Underfloor Heating in the 200m2 building over a couple of days.

In December of last year the Impact Tiling team was set the task of completing the install of a 200m2 area with Warmup underfloor heating. Timelines were tight to get the Church ready in time for an upcoming funeral.

The Warmup team worked tirelessly and efficiently to get the job finished before carpet could be laid on a date that was brought forward. The team installed the underfloor wiring in the main Church area, as well as the main hallway and a smaller conference room.

“The Impact Tiling team did an awesome job to get the job completed within the limited timeframe,” says one of the Senior Church Volunteers.

“It took the stress off the project managers who were trying to get everything prepared for the carpet to go down.”

The team also had to ensure a high level of accuracy and quality of finish, to allow for copper wiring to be laid for a hearing aid loop that required the floor to be entirely flat.

The job involved filling any gaps with foam and ensure there were no sharp edges that could cause damage to the copper wiring.   

“We were really impressed with the Impact Tiling team’s work ethic and attention to detail in a job that was really tight time-wise,” says the Church volunteer.

“It took a lot of pressure off us and the project manager, and we were delighted that the Church was ready for a funeral the following weekend.”

Warmup Manager Grant Le Normand says the project was significant in both scale and job efficiency.

“Not only was it a very large job in terms of square footage for us, but we managed to turn it around in a couple of days to accommodate the clients timeframe,” says Grant.

“The space will be nice and warm for Church members this winter, and the heating of the building is now more efficient, thanks to the Warmup system.”

The Impact Tiling team worked with ARC Electrical on this job and were employed for just the Warmup Underfloor heating aspect of this job and didn’t install any of the floor coverings.