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Tiling – Why it’s the best flooring choice

With the wide array of flooring options on the market these days for those in the process of building or renovating, choosing which flooring is right for you can feel like a chore. We’ve broken down the benefits of tiled flooring to give you some clarity on if it might be the right option for your home.

There’s a style to suit everyone and every home.

Whether you’re going for simple, classic style or want a bold, statement look, there is a tile style to suit everyone. A quick Pinterest or Google search will give you a whole lot of inspiration or you can unleash your creativity and come up with something completely unique. You truly are only limited by your imagination.

They’re durable and will look as good in 10 years’ time as they do when they’re installed. 

Ceramic and porcelain tile are amongst the most durable, long-wearing flooring on the market. When properly installed and cared for, tiles will last decades.

Tiling is fire resistant. 

During the manufacturing process, tiles get fired in a kiln which can reach up to nearly 1200°C, making them pretty resistant to any house fire.  They are also non-combustible so will not give off toxic chemicals in the event of a fire.

Warm up your tiled rooms with underfloor heating.

With our Warmup underfloor heating solutions, you can say goodbye to cold spots and chilly drafts. Warmup is a cost-effective and quality way to warm your feet on those chilly winter mornings for years to come.

They’re the environmentally friendly option. 

Porcelain tiles are environmentally friendly from mining to installation. As they are compiled of natural clay, sand and water, the manufacturing process helps to protect against the unsustainable exploitation of other natural resources such as trees or rock.

There is something for every budget. 

You can create a stunning, unique look for your home to fit any budget. Tile prices can vary largely and are generally based on the materials they’re made from or the country in which they are sourced. Our knowledgeable team of expert tilers will be able to chat through your requirements and find a solution that fits both your style and your budget.