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Sights on Scion

The state-of-the-art Scion Innovation Hub in Rotorua is due to be open for business in early 2021, and this year the Impact Tiling team has been working hard installing some of the tiling elements. We take a sneak peek at this commercial tiling project before it officially opens.

Acting as the main entrance and focal point of the Scion Campus, the Scion Innovation Hub will house a public café, meeting rooms and small dedicated exhibition area which will be open to the public.

The hub building is the first step of what will be a larger campus redevelopment project. It is hoped the overall development will foster innovation in the forestry and sustainable land-use sectors.

Scion is the driving force behind innovation and growth in New Zealand’s forestry and wood sector. The hub will be open to the public to showcase their amazing facility as well as house an education space for members of the public and school groups to learn about the work Scion does.

The building takes design to another level, with wood products being an integral part of the design. The engineered timber diagonal grids are the main focal point of the building, paired with the unique glass work which is a mix of opaque and translucent panels to help control the daylight and heat while giving the desired effect of the dappled light to mimic the light coming through a forest canopy. 

With the heavy sustainable focus on the whole of this build, tiling was the obvious choice for the bathrooms and communal areas. A plain white ceramic tile was used in the bathrooms in order to keep a clean minimalist look and not distract from the features of the building.

“It was great to be a part of this build. With such a unique building, it was a fun one to be a part of,” says Impact Tiling Director Robbie Le Normand.

“We’re looking forward to going and having another look at the hub once it’s fully completed.”