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Tile Trends of 2020

Interior design trends are always changing but there are also some timeless classics that stand the test of time. Tiling is no exception, so here we look at some of the latest tiling trends of 2020.

Mixing up tile patterns

Say goodbye to the standard brick-set pattern. We’ve noticed a trend towards mixing up patterns, incorporating more herringbone, vertical, parquet / double basket weave and diagonal running bond styles to mix it up. Our advice – choose what you like, rather than sticking to the same same style.

Different grout colours

Once upon a time you had one choice for grout – it was either white or grey.  Those days are gone - now you can choose from a selection of grout colours we have available. Some of the coolest ones we’ve seen lately are all black on black, latte / coffee colour on lighter tile, bright colours and blue-green beachy tones. The choice is yours!   

Handmade-look coloured tiles

There are some really cool tiles around, with a noticeable trend to more ‘hand-crafted’ look tiles with imperfect finishes and edges. You’ll notice this look in a lot of the newer cafes and hangouts, like in the Tauranga Crossing mall. We particularly like the sea-glass colour tones in this look, check out some of the pics in our gallery below.

Mosaic and Moroccan-inspired Styles

People are incorporating more intricate details, whether it’s with mosaic patterns and designs, or within the tiles themselves. Either way, these additions create more interest in spaces and draw the eye to a focal point. If you’re wanting a mosaic style pattern, it’s best to sketch this and/or do a rough layout with the tile so that we can execute your vision and get the exact look you’re after.