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Frameless Glass - What do I need to know?

Frameless glass is becoming more and more popular, as a modern, stylish solution for your bathrooms and storage areas. It can be installed in your showers or used for mirrors or shelving, creating an atmosphere of space and openness. In this blog post, we look at what you need to know if you’re considering frameless glass.

Do you need custom design?  

One of the best things about frameless glass is that it can be customised, so you’re not stuck with fixed sizes if you have an unconventional shower space for example. If you have an architect, we can work with them to design the best solution. When you get a quote, we’ll ask you about the size of glass you want, and let you know if custom design is needed or you can use standard / fixed sizing.

How many sides do you have to your shower?

Your shower design will dictate your options for corners and finishing.

If there are two sides to your shower, you’ll need to choose between a 90-degree corner or a 45-degree edge to join them 

If there are three sides to your shower then you can select from fixed panels or inline

Do you want a door?

If you’re having a wall hung door, the maximum width of the opening is 800mm. Alternatively, you can opt to have one glass side to your shower with an open side for the door - we’ll just need to know where you want your open side to be.

Do you want to add protection once your glass is installed?

We offer an option to protect your new frameless glass with Clearshield Protection once your shower doors are installed. Clearshield resists limescale build-up and water spots, and it’s easier to clean and keep clean, saving time and effort. You can maintain the pristine appearance of your frameless glass, plus it’s a more hygienic environment that minimises the growth of bacteria. With our 10-year guarantee you’ll protect your new shower investment for years to come.

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