Composite flooring

Get the look of wood grain with low maintenance composite flooring! Composite flooring has excellent stability and durability, removes the problem of moisture and mold deterioration of timber flooring, and is easy to clean and look after. Amongst the most durable, long-wearing flooring on the market, composite flooring can last for decades when properly installed.  

PAVEEZZI Composite Flooring

Impact Tiling is a wholesaler and installer of PAVEEZZI composite flooring products. Choose from a range of colours and wood grain styles. When it's time to install, select your preferred pattern, including herringbone, line planks and chevron. PAVEEZZI offers a 15 year warranty for domestic and 5 year warranty for commercial floors. 

The environmental choice

Composite, also known as Waterproof, Resilient or Rigid Core Flooring, is a new type of environmentally friendly floor. It doesn't contain formaldehyde, it is mildew and moisture proof, it is resistant to fire, and it's easy to install. The Composite Flooring production process requires no glue, formaldehyde, benzene or other toxic substances. At the same time, Composite Floor can emulate any texture. You will enjoy the wood grain look and feel of traditional wood flooring, keeping the characteristic wood flooring noise at the minimum level.

Why choose composite flooring?

  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Mildew and moisture proof 
  • Resistant to fire
  • Easy to install
  • Warranty included - 15 year warranty for domestic and 5 year warranty for commercial floors

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